Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have fun with prank calls during the historic descent into Crew Dragon


The specificity of the return to Earth of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft is such that the astronauts locked on board have quite a lot of free time. Doug Hurley, a participant in the first commercial flight to the ISS, told about this. And he talked about how he and his colleague Bob Behnken whiled away the time in the capsule for the draws.

Thanks to the massive optimization and automation of Crew Dragon’s controls, astronauts have virtually nothing to do during their flight. More precisely, there is nothing to do with the control systems, but the communication panel remains at their disposal. Therefore, a quote from Doug Hurley:

For five hours, while we were descending in the spacecraft, we called everyone we could on the satellite phone.

The most interesting thing is that at first most of the subscribers did not understand who exactly was calling them. Astronaut Megan MacArthur tweeted this:

I got a call marked Possible Spam, but I’m so glad I answered the phone anyway!

The fact of telephone hooliganism from space was also confirmed by NASA, flight controller Anthony Vareha tweeted:

I received a call from our guys when I was at the flight control panel. They called “Hi, this is Doug and Bob and we are in the middle of the ocean.” I remember I answered them: “Yes, I see.”

Doug Hurley did not elaborate on who they phoned and how much they talked, noting only that “It was funny!” Since the calls were made through a satellite communication system, the bill for the services should come out rather large. Hurley mentioned that it should be handed over directly to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

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