Bob Arum: “Lomachenko is technically the best boxer since Ali”


The closer the Lomachenko-Lopez battle is, the more forecasts and assessments from experts appear. So, the promoter Lomachenko recently made his contribution to the common piggy bank. Bob Arum has repeatedly compared his fighter with the legendary Mohammed Ali and returned to this topic again, now in the context of the future match:

“It’s a novelty for many now that Muhammad Ali was a very technical boxer in his youth, but it really is. He perfectly controlled the distance and moved in the ring in a way that no one else has done before him. Vasily has the same style.”

Then Arum added:

“Lomachenko is technically the best fighter since the early Ali. And he also has a weapon that no one else has – his father and mentor. From my point of view, Anatoly is the best coach in the world and what they do in the gym, unfortunately rarely seen in boxing. “

Arum also expressed the hope that perhaps someday Lomachenko’s father will agree to train other boxers and said that he would have hired him without hesitation.

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