Bob Arum doubts that Alexander Usyk will be able to defeat Derek Chisora ​​ahead of schedule


The head of the Top Rank promotion company Bob Arum shared his opinion on the upcoming confrontation between the former undisputed world champion in the heavyweight division, Ukrainian Alexander Usyk, and the multiple contender for the heavyweight champion title of Briton Derek Chisora. According to the promoter, Alexander surpasses his opponent in boxing skills, so he prefers him in this fight.

“I know Usik personally and am a great fan of him. I think he is a great fighter and would give my preference to him. I don’t know if this will be a stop, Alexander is just a great boxer. Plus we all know what chin Chisora ​​has. But I give my preference to Usyk. I think he will win the fight, ”said Arum.

Recall that the fight between Alexander Usik and Derek Chisora ​​will take place today, October 31st at the Wembley Arena in London, UK.


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