Blinken praised the “complete transparency” in the analysis of the attack on the Capitol

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the January 6 Capitol events “dealt a blow” to the US’s reputation as an authority on democracy.

At the same time, he stressed in an interview with CNN that the United States’ willingness to confront this challenge with full “transparency” distinguishes it from other countries that hide their problems.

“There is no doubt that the January 6 events at the Capitol struck a blow to our ability to advocate so powerfully for democracy and human rights,” Blinken said. “But I will tell you that for me the glass is half full, because we have had a peaceful transfer of power in accordance with our Constitution.”

“Members of Congress have returned, they have returned to the Senate, they have returned to the House of Representatives, they have returned to the halls of Congress and have done their job in accordance with the Constitution to ensure a peaceful transfer of power,” the secretary of state continued.

“You know well that this has happened throughout our history,” he said further. – We had incredibly difficult moments, and sometimes we retreated. But what is our hallmark is our readiness, our ability to confront these challenges with full transparency to the whole world. And this is very different from other countries that, faced with challenges, try not to wash dirty linen in public, ignore problems, suppress or postpone them. “

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