Blinken highlighted US leadership in solving global problems

Blinken highlighted US leadership in solving global problems

Anthony Blinken began his first full day as Secretary of State on Wednesday, pledging to “repair” US ties with partners around the world and demonstrate that America can play a leadership role in areas such as combating climate change and the erosion of democracy in various parts of the world. ball.

Blinken was greeted with applause when he showed up at the State Department building. Recall that during the presidency of Barack Obama, he held the second most important post in the US Foreign Ministry.

“The world is staring at us. He wants to know if we can heal our country. To know if we will be leading by the power of our example … and if we will put diplomacy at the forefront – (acting) with our allies and partners to meet the great challenges of our time, ”the new head of State said.

He explained that we are talking about such challenges as the coronavirus pandemic, climate change threats to democracy, the fight for justice in race relations and threats to security and global stability posed by opponents.

When a journalist asked the secretary of state what part of the world should be prioritized now, he refrained from answering.

Blinken stressed that the Department of State should strive to create a united front with allies to counter the challenges.

“I know that the Department of State today is not the same as I left it four years ago,” he said. – A lot has changed. The world has changed. The State Department has changed. “

Blinken’s candidacy was confirmed by the Senate on Tuesday. 78 senators voted for his appointment, 22 against. He promised to adhere to a bipartisan approach in the formation of policy.

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