Bills to Support World Press Freedom Introduced to Congress

Bills to Support World Press Freedom Introduced to Congress

Two bills were introduced to Congress this month to promote press freedom and protect journalists around the world.

The Draft Global Press Freedom Act is a collaborative effort by Democratic Senator Brian Schatz and fellow Democratic Todd Young.

It envisages the creation of an institute of ambassadors on freedom of the press and the training of diplomatic officials in promoting media independence and protecting foreign journalists.

At the same time, Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar and her fellow party member in the House of Representatives Adam Schiff introduced a draft Jamal Khashoggi Press Freedom Accountability Bill.

The document, named after the late Washington Post columnist, seeks to hold accountable those involved in the persecution of journalists.

“Our new bill reaffirms our commitment to a free press at home and abroad, empowering the Department of State to pursue these issues diplomatically on the global stage,” said Schatz, who recently became a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Press freedom advocates greeted these bills with enthusiasm.

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