“Big girl”: plus-size model Ashley Graham showed a “naked” photo


Ashley Graham shared her candid selfie with subscribers over the weekend.

32-year-old plus-size model posed in front of the mirror completely naked, covering her chest with her hand.

Naked big girl

– signed the frame Ashley.

She also responded to a comment from one follower who wrote:

It pisses me off that they first see the “big girl” here. I see here only a beautiful, natural, seductive woman in all her glory … Super sexy and feminine.

To which Ashley replied:

I understand you. But if you look at “big” positively and lovingly, then you can see it the same way I do. I love my big, strong, beautiful body.

In January of this year, Ashley became a mother for the first time, and now she tells fans how her body has changed after giving birth, which she willingly demonstrates on the social network. She recently had a home photo shoot in a swimsuit, after which she stated:

I gained weight and got stretch marks. I talked to myself a lot: “Okay, new body, new thinking …” But after these photos I felt stronger. Yes, I look good, I feel good. I became a mother and this is my new body.

And earlier Ashley posted a video in which she showed a close-up of her stretch marks on her stomach, framing them with her hands in a heart.

It is worth noting that many subscribers thank Graham for fighting the stigma of such topics. “I’m going to pay now. Many women have stretch marks and cesarean scars. Thank you for making this stigma disappear ”,“ Thank you, I should have seen it ”,“ This is the first drawing of your son ”,“ If a man does not appreciate the scars that a woman has left after childbirth, he does not deserve a child, ”they write users in the comments.

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