Biden rejects the idea of ​​the US as a divided country

US President Joe Biden did not agree that the US is a politically divided country.

“The country is not divided,” he said at a public meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin hosted by CNN.

“If you go and look and talk to people, you will find radicals on both sides,” he explained. “But the country is not as divided as we imagine, and we must unite it.”

On domestic security issues, Biden said that white supremacists are the largest domestic terrorist threat in the United States.

“It’s complex, vast and real,” Biden added.

“I will make sure that the Justice Department and the Civil Rights Division pay serious attention to these people and will make sure we focus on fighting the rise of white supremacy,” he said.

Biden explained that his administration will also examine the impact of the rise of white supremacy in specific social groups, including the military and former police officers.

He called the advocates of the ideals of white supremacy “crazy” and “dangerous.”

The President also said that any decision to hold ex-President Donald Trump accountable for his actions as head of state would be left to the discretion of the Justice Department, and that he would not interfere with a possible investigation.

Biden also introduced a new approach to US drug policy, proposing the abolition of jail time as punishment for drug offenders.

“No one should go to jail for drugs,” he said. – No one should go to jail for drug use. Such people should be sent to rehabilitation as drug addicts. “

Biden said he was trying to be careful in predicting when the country would return to normal after the coronavirus pandemic, but pointed to “next Christmas” as the moment when the country could find itself in “a completely different environment.”

He noted that with ongoing vaccinations and an anticipated vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, the chances for the virus to spread would be “significantly reduced” by herd immunity.

“If it goes like this, then, as my mother said, by the grace of God and the free will of the neighbors, by next Christmas, God willing, we will be in a completely different situation from today,” Biden said.

“I think in a year there will be significantly fewer people who will have to maintain social distance and wear a mask, but we do not know for sure,” he added.

The president urged Americans to get vaccinated with any coronavirus vaccine whenever possible.

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