Biden opposes total quarantine due to coronavirus

Biden opposes total quarantine due to coronavirus

US President-elect Joe Biden said he would not impose a nationwide quarantine to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, despite the rise in cases.

“I do not see the circumstances that would require the complete closure of the country. I think that would be counterproductive, ”Biden, who is due to take office on January 20, told reporters.

“I only intend to isolate the virus. I will say it again: there will be no closure of the entire country, ”he repeated.

At the same time, Biden noted that the rules for enterprises and other institutions should be calibrated taking into account the epidemiological situation in each specific region.

There are currently over 251,000 deaths and over 11.6 million infections in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University.

President Donald Trump has made little comment on the new surge in infections and has generally avoided public speaking in recent days.

Vice President Mike Pence, who leads the White House coronavirus task force, said the administration and the president are not in favor of re-closing economies and schools.

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