Biden has decided on the future chief of staff of the White House

Joe Biden’s senior campaign advisor, Ron Klein, who was formerly the former vice president’s top aide, will become the president-elect’s White House chief of staff.

This was announced by Biden’s headquarters.

Klein, 59, was Biden’s chief of staff during his tenure as vice president. He also served as Vice President Al Gore’s Chief of Staff.

Klein was a senior White House aide under President Barack Obama, who in 2014 named him “king” of the fight against the Ebola epidemic. Biden is likely to draw on this experience to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

β€œRon was invaluable when we worked together over the years,” said Biden. “His deep, diverse experience and ability to work with representatives of the entire political center are precisely the qualities of the head of the White House staff that I need when we go through a crisis and re-unite our country.”

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