Biden: creating a green economy will create jobs

Biden: creating a green economy will create jobs

President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed a new executive package to tackle dangerous climate change, including suspending new treaties and cutting subsidies for oil and natural gas production on federal lands, as his administration pursues environmental protection policies that Biden called a “boon” and an excuse to create many jobs.

The orders define the main features of the new president’s strategy on climate change and environmental protection, completely changing the policy pursued by his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump.

“In my opinion, we have already waited too long to begin fighting this climate crisis. Time to act, ”Biden said, speaking at a ceremony at the White House, noting the threats the country faces from increased storms, wildfires, floods and droughts related to climate change, as well as from air pollution from burning fossil fuel.

Biden has unveiled a “nationwide approach” that climate change should be at the center of US national security and foreign policy and domestic planning. He said building modern and resilient climate change infrastructure and clean energy would create millions of well-paid, union-protected jobs in the future.

“This is a case where social creation and benefit intersect, where fighting this existential threat to the survival of the planet and enhancing our economic growth and welfare are one and the same thing. When I think about climate change and the responses to it, I think about jobs, ”added Biden, who faces pressure from the liberal wing of his own party to act more decisively to combat abnormal climate change.

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