Biden campaigns for economic aid package

US President Joe Biden is visiting Wisconsin on Tuesday to talk about the merits of his proposed $ 1.9 trillion economic aid package. Wisconsin is one of the key states that helped Biden win last year’s presidential election.

During a visit to a state hit hard by the pandemic and its economic aftermath, Biden will speak at a CNN voter meeting, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said last week.

“This is an opportunity to hear directly from people how the dual crisis is affecting them,” she told reporters.

Since his inauguration, Biden has traveled to his home state of Delaware and the Camp David presidential residence, but the visit to Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city, is his first official trip since taking office.

The state, with 10 Electoral College votes, backed Biden by a small margin in the November elections.

Since the Senate acquitted ex-President Donald Trump on Saturday in a second impeachment case, the White House has focused entirely on advancing Biden’s economic agenda, fighting COVID-19, curbing climate change, and tackling racial inequality.

Biden wants Congress to pass a $ 1.9 trillion bailout bill in the coming weeks. The package includes payments to the population in the amount of $ 1,400 and an increase in unemployment benefits.

The administration’s strategy to promote this and other initiatives is largely directed towards voters. Biden, 78, who has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, plans to travel extensively around the country in the coming days.

On Thursday, he will visit another wavering state, Michigan, to see Pfizer’s manufacturing site and speak to workers involved in the production of the COVID-19 vaccine. This state, with 16 electoral votes, also contributed to Biden’s electoral victory.

Wisconsin has supported the Democratic presidential candidates for nearly two decades, but Trump won there in 2016.

Republicans are unhappy with Biden’s offer of economic aid in the wake of the pandemic, pushing for a cut in the package. Biden and his allies insist that the large package will help stimulate the economy and bring under control the pandemic, which has already claimed more than 485,000 US lives.

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