Biden announces revision of US strategy towards China

President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday the formation of a special working group within the Department of Defense to immediately begin revising US military strategy against threats from Beijing.

Biden gave the working group four months to assess the current situation and “so that we can chart … a way forward on issues related to China,” the president told reporters during his first visit to the Defense Department building near Washington. …

On President Joe Biden’s first visit to the Pentagon, he was accompanied by the new Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin.

Speaking at the Pentagon, Biden said the review to be created by the working group is critical in shaping America’s strategy to counter the Chinese threat.

“We need to confront the growing threats posed by China to maintain peace and protect our interests in the Indo-Pacific region and around the world,” the president added.

The working group will have to prepare its assessments and recommendations on the development of a military strategy towards China, technological issues, organizational structure and strategy for the use of armed forces, as well as possible alliances and bilateral defense treaties with Beijing.

President Biden stressed that this work must be supported by both parties and the entire Congress, as well as by US allies and partners.

“In this way, we will solve the Chinese problem and ensure that the American people win the future competition,” Biden said.

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