Biden against the guarded border between Ireland and the United Kingdom


In one of his first foreign policy statements, US President-elect Joe Biden said he wasn’t interested in seeing a secure border between Ireland and the United Kingdom.

He added that he had previously discussed this issue with the Prime Ministers of Great Britain and Ireland, as well as other European leaders.

The government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to conclude an agreement with the EU, but says it is ready to leave the bloc without him. This could complicate the sensitive border situation between Northern Ireland and Ireland, the UK’s only land border with the EU.

Biden told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware that the border should be open.

“We don’t want a secured border,” he said when a journalist asked him what he would say to the Brexit negotiators.

The 1998 Good Friday Peace Agreements effectively ended 30 years of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland and created institutions for cross-border cooperation on the island of Ireland.

Biden, who spoke of the importance of his Irish heritage, warned months ago that the United Kingdom must honor the 1998 accords when it leaves the bloc. Otherwise, there will be no separate trade agreement with the United States.


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