“Baby out”: Sacha Baron Cohen trolled Orlando Bloom for “naked” photos in honor of Katy Perry’s 36th birthday


Orlando Bloom knows how to please his beloved.

Katy Perry has recently celebrated her 36th birthday. In honor of this event, Orlando Bloom gave her a surprise and brought in Sasha Baron Cohen to record the holiday video message. In the frame, the actor appeared in the form of Borat Sagdiev – a character from the popular pseudo-documentary comedy “Borat”. In the video that Bloom posted on his Instagram page, Cohen did not miss the opportunity to make fun of his beloved Katie and recalled him a photo of 2016, in which he cut the waves naked.

How are you, Katie Pepsi? I was planning to go sailing in Florida and scored on a search for “Orlando Watersports”. But instead, Mr. Google gave me a picture of your husband with his baby outside. And he has a very good picture! Probably nice to see Orlando Bloom. You will have a very good birthday. And a lot of cream on the cake

– said Sasha Baron Cohen.

Under the commercial, Orlando addressed Katy:

Your dream has come true, my love. Happy Birthday!

A few hours later, the actor complemented the congratulations with joint photographs with his beloved.

Although Cohen called Bloom Perry’s “husband”, the celebrity couple still hasn’t legalized their relationship. In 2019, the lovers announced that they were engaged, and in February of this year they celebrated the anniversary of their engagement. A month later, it became known that the singer was expecting her daughter Daisy Dove, who was born in August.

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