Avengers star Chris Evans lashes out at Donald Trump


Infected with covid, Trump says he feels great and urges people not to fear the disease.

Last week it became known that Donald Trump and his wife Melania were infected with COVID-19. They said they would immediately quarantine and begin treatment. They were admitted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center military hospital, but were discharged three days later. Trump said he felt great and urged people not to be afraid of covid. Before contracting the virus, he also urged people not to panic or fear the disease.

His words angered Chris Evans, who addressed the president on his page:

Don’t be afraid of covid ?! You were under the round-the-clock supervision of the best doctors, you were given the best medicines. Do you think everyone can afford it ?! Unfortunately, I’m sure you are aware of this inequality, but you don’t care. This is reckless to a shocking degree, even for you.

And Trump later added to his message:

Do not be afraid [вируса]… You will defeat him. We have the best medical equipment, the best medicines, all of which have recently been developed. And you will defeat him.

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