Australian UFC heavyweight Ben Sosoli sentenced to 22 months in prison


Australian UFC fighter Benjamin Sosoli (heavyweight 6-2 5 KOs) was sentenced to 22 months in prison for hitting a bar visitor in Melbourne in September 2019.

According to the Australian Associated Press, Sosoli worked as a security guard at a bar and had a conflict with one of the customers. The man was drunk and tried to break into the institution, from which he had already been taken out twice. After being hit by Sosoli, the rowdy lost consciousness and he had to heal his broken jaw.

During the trial, the athlete said that the victim had threatened him even before the incident, but the judge considered Sosoli’s reaction inadequate to this situation.

As a result, the fighter pleaded guilty to serious injury through negligence and received 22 months in prison, of which he had already served 11.

Recall that Ben Sosoli spent his last fight on February 23, 2020 against Marcos Rogerio de Lima (Brazil) and lost by knockout in 88 seconds of the match.

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