“At the age of three she dresses better than adults”: Kylie Jenner touched the social network photo of her daughter


Since childhood, the model brings up a sense of style in her daughter.

American model and socialite Kylie Jenner in a new post on Instagram has posted photos of her daughter Stormi, who will soon be three years old. In the description of the pictures, Kylie said: “My child will soon be three years old, but not everything is all right with my mother.” Thus, the star made it clear that she was upset about the fast growing up of her baby.

Kylie herself took touching pictures when the three-year-old fashionista posed for the camera. Stormy wore trendy brown leather pants, a crisp white T-shirt, a wide chain around her neck, and a delicate bracelet. The image was completed with a blue handbag on the shoulder. Jenner’s daughter posed competently, as adult models do, which did not go unnoticed among the fans of the star.

The comments of netizens expressed clear admiration and affection. Fans of the celebrity diva admitted that Stormi is very sweet and beautiful, like her famous mother. Someone noticed that the little fashionista “dresses better than adults at the age of three.” And someone recognized in the girl an exact copy of Kylie in childhood. Stormi’s parents are already preparing for their daughter’s third birthday, which will take place on February 1. Judging by last year’s grandiose events in her honor, StormiWorld, which have become a tradition, we should expect a continuation with attractions and treats.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Galina Skozlovskaya


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