At least one iPhone 13 may be without Lightning and any charging connector


Well-known insider Jon Prosser, who has repeatedly reported reliable information about «apple» new products, shared data on the 2021 iPhone 13 lineup.

What to wait

By According to Prosser, at least one model from the new series will lose any charging connector. But is not means that Apple will replace Lightning with USB-C in no smartphone at all there will be connectors.

Instead, charging will use the MagSafe magnetic system that debuted in this year together with iPhone 12.

Not now only Apple, but and third-party companies produce various accessories with MagSafe support. For example, charging the MagSafe Charger and dock station MagSafe Duo Charger to simultaneously charge your iPhone and Apple Watch. Их feature the presence of magnets allows you to more accurately place the smartphone on coil, thereby increasing the efficiency of power transmission.

In addition, John Prosser predicts an iPhone 13 screen with refresh rate 120 Hz (finally!).

Source: YouTube

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