At least 117 journalists were detained in the United States during protests this year


At least 117 journalists were detained or arrested while covering U.S. protests in 2020.

This is stated in a report published by the US Press Freedom Tracker – a joint project of two leading organizations advocating for freedom of the press.

The report covers cases up to December 10th. It shows an unprecedented number of journalists, photographers and film crews detained while covering protests in some 40 American cities.

The number of arrests made in 2020 is more than double the figures recorded by the project in 2017-2019 combined. At the same time, work to verify information about the arrests continues.

“We have not seen such a number in the entire history of the project,” said managing editor Kirstin McCadden. “This year we have witnessed an unprecedented number of protests across the country. And protests have always been an incredibly dangerous place for journalists compared to other topics. “

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