Astrophysicists declare: we have chosen not the best place and time to build a civilization

Astrophysicists declare: we have chosen not the best place and time to build a civilization

In scientific circles, the hypothesis is increasingly being expressed that the existence of life on Earth, and even more so its long evolution to an intelligent form, is a fluke. Scientists have already discovered so many problematic factors that it is easier to believe in the artificial population of the planet by some powerful forces than the origin of life here naturally. Fresh data came from the Italian National Institute of Astrophysics, where they compiled the history of the development of the Milky Way, and found the optimal site for the emergence of life – but it turned out to be in the distant past.

It is known that global extinctions on Earth 2.6 million years ago and 359 million years ago happened due to supernova explosions. We have not yet experienced extinction due to gamma-ray bursts, but this is nothing more than luck, since in just some 500 million years the outskirts of our galaxy have been literally sterilized 2-5 times by long outbursts of hard radiation. These two factors – supernova explosions and gamma-ray bursts – were named by Italian astrophysicists as the main threats to life on a cosmic scale.

Both events are closely tied to the processes of formation and death of stars, which is the most intense, while space is filled with light elements – hydrogen and helium. However, when atomic nuclei merge inside stars and during supernova explosions, other elements begin to form, which are already considered heavy. This slows down the process of star formation in this area of ​​space, it shifts to other areas. The rule does not apply to the very central part of the galaxy, there is always high activity and life is impossible in principle.

Scientists have calculated that 6 billion years ago, at a distance of 6.5-26 thousand light years from the galactic center, a conditionally quiet zone was formed with a minimal probability of supernovae and gamma-ray bursts. It existed for about 2 billion years, and only then on the very border of this zone the planet Earth appeared, and before the appearance of life there were still billions of years on it. The Milky Way will face catastrophes, collisions and mergers with other galaxies in the future, so the perfect moment for the birth of life here is irrevocable. passed.

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