Astronomers have recorded the most powerful magnetic field in the known universe


An international team of astronomers from China and Germany managed to discover the most powerful magnetic field in the entire history of astronomical observations. Its source is the neutron star GRO J1008-57, an accretionary X-ray pulsar.

During periodic flares (one of them was recorded exactly three years ago), the Earth finds itself in the path of powerful beams of X-rays, which can be detected with telescopes.

Then in 2017, Chinese and German scientists using the Insight-HXMT modulation X-ray telescope not only recorded a similar outbreak, but also measured the strength of the magnetic field of the distant record star.

Its intensity was 90 keV, on the basis of which astronomers calculated the magnitude of the pulsar’s magnetic field – 1 billion Tesla. Until now, nothing of the kind in terms of power in the known universe has been found. For comparison, in the conditions of terrestrial laboratories, the highest achieved indicator of the magnetic field does not exceed 1200 T.

However, according to scientists, this record will not last forever. According to the theory, much more powerful pulsars can exist in the Universe – magnetars with a magnetic field of up to 100 billion. Tesla.

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