Asher used counterfeit money at a strip club: “Disrespectful!”

Asher used counterfeit money at a strip club: “Disrespectful!”

The dancer told about an unpleasant incident.

Performer Usher became the target of a scandal after leaving fake bills as a tip for one of the dancers. In the account that publishes information about clubs for dancers, a photo was posted, which shows that the money is the image of the singer himself. The girl shared her emotions about what was happening. “I’ve never seen this level of neglect. This is why we must stay away from the stars. They behave lousy most of the time. So disrespectful. It’s disgusting. Work so hard that you don’t get anything in return, ”she wrote.

In the comments of users, this act was outraged, and they expressed their opinion about what was happening. “Why don’t you sue? Report fraud? Just find out what you can do “,” But he would be upset if he was paid fake money to perform his uninteresting songs, why then paid for the man’s work like that? “,” Goodbye, Asher, go back to the 90s , the only place where you came in handy “, – the subscribers of the account are perplexed. Many believed that the singer’s actions were illegal, and they advised the dancer to contact the police with a statement of fraud.

A series of posts after this story was published by users on Twitter, where they urged not to contact the artist in order to avoid such a joke on his part. Some felt that the singer was too arrogant because of his former popularity and therefore allows himself to be so disrespectful to the employees of the entertainment industry.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Ksenia Antonenko

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