Arum: “Ali was ridiculed in his youth for talkativeness – Teofimo is made of the same dough.”


Observing the different public reactions to Lopez’s activity before the fight with Lomachenko, Bob Arum spoke about this, comparing the boxer to the legendary Muhammad Ali. According to the promoter, Lopez has always been frank and nothing supernatural is happening now. Moreover, Bob Arum is confident that “Teofimo is doing most of the hard but necessary work to promote the match.”

His self-confidence, Arum says, resembles the behavior of the young Muhammad Ali:

“If we turn to history, Ali was a guy whom many loved, but many also hated. his career was laughed at by many and was reproached for being overly talkative. Teofimo is made of the same test. Most people love to get fucked, but there are those who hate it. It doesn’t matter in the end and Lopez is who he is. “

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