Apple wants to revive the MagSafe brand


By source information, on October 13, Apple will not provide only smartphones of the iPhone 12 family, but also several devices under the MagSafe brand.

What it is

The MagSafe name is already familiar to users «apple» products: in its time the company produced laptops with magnetic chargers MagSafe. The first power connector with magnetic mount received the MacBook Pro in 2006 year. Despite positive response from users in period from 2016 to 2019 Apple completely replaced MagSafe with USB-C.

Now it looks like this brand is back, but already in another role. By rumored in New Magnetic MagSafe iPhone Case Debuts Tuesday and two official Apple wireless chargers called «MagSafe Charger» and «MagSafe Duo Charger»… One of both of them will receive 15 watts of power.

TO unfortunately no details are revealed, but earlier in images of the cover with construction from magnets in circle shape. It is intended that magnets will be used to align devices on Apple branded wireless charger.

By the way, sources also confirm that in box with iPhone 12 не will not headphones or power adapter.

Source: MacRumors

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