Apple specifically complicates the repair of smartphones iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

IFixit specialists have previously disassembled and appreciated the maintainability of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, а have now discovered another interesting feature of smartphones.

Not by someone else’s hands touch

As it turned out, Apple introduced one technical limitation that will make it more difficult to repair gadgets, especially in private workshops. So, after replacing the camera, software authorization is required through a special Apple application called System Configuration, access to which only certified service centers.

Of course, the camera can be changed, but without authorization, it may not work correctly: for example, not switch to ultra-wide-angle module, and some modes will not be available.

Previously such restrictions in old smartphones are not It was. Users quietly repaired gadgets in unofficial service centers where third-party components or parts were used for replacement donor smartphones… AND such repairs came out cheaper.

By the way, authorization is now required and when replacing the display. IN in this case he works without problem, but the user will receive a notification about the fact that the screen may not be original.

Source: iFixit

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