Apple releases iOS 12.5 update for older iPhones

Apple releases iOS 12.5 update for older iPhones

Like us wrote before, Apple «rolled out» new major system update for iPhone stable version of iOS 14.3. But the company does not forgot and about old models.

What have been added

The most important innovation that the firmware brings it’s support for notifications about infected COVID-19… Previously, this feature was only available for devices with iOS 14, а now her received and old people, in including the popular iPhone 6 line.

«iOS 12.5 lets you connect to notification system contamination COVID-19 for your iPhone. System availability depends on support from the side of your local health authority», notes Apple.

When the user enables this feature, the device will regularly send a beacon via Bluetooth. When two people are next to each other friend, their phones will exchange these Bluetooth IDs and write them down. Patients can voluntarily report positive result in application. IN as a result, the smartphone will show when you contact with patients with coronavirus.

Additionally, iOS 12.5 includes security updates. WatchOS 6.3 has also been released for older Apple Watch models.

Source: 9to5mac

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