Apple patented display with refresh rates up to 240Hz for future iPhones

Today the Office of patents and U.S. Trademarks has published a new Apple patent in which describes the display for a smartphone with variable refresh rate.

How it works

Such a screen will be able to increase the frequency from 60 Hz to 120, 180 and even 240 Hz in dependence on situations for example, in games for a smoother picture. Then there is speed will increase in 4 times.

IPhones are now 60Hz. The current iPhones 12 were expected to finally get 120Hz, but this is not It happened. By rumored Apple is cautious about adding new features, and increased frequency could adversely affect battery life or system performance.

Now 120Hz displays are credited with the new iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12S). Rumor has it that this can be achieved using LTPO screen technology with low power consumption, providing a frequency of 120 Hz without significant impact on battery life.

In addition, smartphones are credited with a reduced «bangs», function support Always-On Display, which has been in Android devices, upgraded wide-angle cameras, star mode (hello Google Pixel), MagSafe with Reinforced magnet, sub-screen Touch ID, improved Face ID and matt black color with texture (only for Pro versions).

Source: Macrumors, Patently Apple

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