Apple may stop selling iPhone 12 mini in the second quarter of this year

Analysts at investment bank JPMorgan Chase have released a forecast for the future of the iPhone 12 line of smartphones, and for some they are disappointing.

What to wait

Recall that the youngest in the lineup is the iPhone 12 mini the most compact and the cheapest 5G smartphone Apple. Despite It is he not in demand: by data from JPMorgan Chase, on it accounts for only 6% of supplies. AND this is the worst figure among all four iPhone 12s.

IN result, by forecast, Apple will have to cut production of iPhone 12 mini by 11 million units. Together with will be cut and iPhone 12 on 9 million pieces.

Moreover, analysts say that due to weak market demand and low world sales in second quarter of 2021 Apple and will stop selling iPhone 12 mini altogether. If this information is confirmed, the smartphone will become one of the the most short-lived products of the company.

Source: Gizchina

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