Apple is already starting work on 6G (come on!)

Apple не likes to reveal all the cards in sleeves and add many new features to our smartphones, but maybe 6G we for the first time we will see it on iPhone. The thing is the fact that the company has already started work on networks of the sixth generation.

What does it mean

On this is indicated by the two vacancies that Apple has opened on days. This is a software engineer research of 5G / 6G wireless systems and engineer on RAN1 / RAN4 standards, both and in San Diegoand in Cupertino.

«IN over the next decade you will be in center of the cutting-edge research group responsible for creation of revolutionary next generation radio access technologies. You will work on defining system-level concepts, proposing and researching innovative ideas and algorithms, performing complex simulation systems and identifying rapid prototyping platforms, specifying RAN protocols, and next generation cellular systems (6G)», said in job description.

This is strange, since the first iPhones with 5G support (iPhone 12 line) came out only in end of last year, then there is a couple of years after the first 5G devices. For this company received a lot of criticism. But the reason for this was a conflict with Qualcomm.

Perhaps with 6G Apple wants to be last, and first. IN anyway, other companies are also working on the technology, including Samsung, Huawei and LG.

Source: Bloomberg

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