Anne Hathaway confesses that she was in love with Leonardo DiCaprio

Anne Hathaway confesses that she was in love with Leonardo DiCaprio

The actress also liked Eddie Vedder.

Anne Hathaway attended The Tonight Show on Tuesday. On the air of the program, the actress told Jimmy Fallon that as a teenager, she liked Leonardo DiCaprio. The artist also admitted that at about the same time she was in love with Eddie Vedder, a musician, leader, vocalist and guitarist of Pearl Jam.

The actress also talked about how she doesn’t like it when people call her Ann. “Call me Annie, everybody call me Annie, please,” Hathaway said on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

The actress explained why her friends call her Annie. According to Hathaway, when she was 14, she was doing commercials and needed to get a SAG card. Then the producers asked her: “What do you want to be called?” And the young actress replied, “Well, that must be my name. My name is Anne Hathaway. ” The artist admitted that it never crossed her mind that people would call her Ann for the rest of her life. Friends call her only Annie, not otherwise.

The only person in Hathaway’s inner circle who calls her Anne is her mother.

“She only does this when she’s really mad at me, really mad. Therefore, every time I go out in public and someone calls my name, I think that they will shout at me, “- admitted the actress.

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Author: Anna Skvortsova

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