Andrey Ryabinsky: “White believed in his victory over Povetkin too early”


The promoter of Russian heavyweight Alexander Povetkin, Andrei Ryabinsky, discussed the fight between the “Russian Knight” and Dillian White and their upcoming revenge.

“I would not say that White went to fight with Povetkin too self-confident. Dillian has champion ambitions. He believed in himself and continues to believe. I am sure that he prepared properly for the first fight, which already shows his respect. This means However, it is possible that during the fight, especially after the fourth round, he lost his concentration a little. White believed in his victory too early.

Eddie Hearn and I have a long history of successful collaboration. We are professionals, so if our goals coincide, we will always find a common language. The agreement on revenge was reached before the first battle, so the negotiations proceeded as usual. We have a common goal. We agreed on the terms and date of the revenge taking into account the interests of our fighters, “Ryabinsky told World Boxing News.

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