Andrey Ryabinsky – about Povetkin’s state of health: “I can’t say that it’s really straight there”

Andrey Ryabinsky – about Povetkin’s state of health: “I can’t say that it’s really straight there”

The head of the World of Boxing promotion company, Andrei Ryabinsky, commented on the state of health of Russian heavyweight Alexander Povetkin, who was forced to interrupt preparations for a rematch with Dillian White due to the symptoms of COVID-19 found in him.

“I can’t say that something like that is really straight there, but it’s not asymptomatic either, unfortunately,” Ryabinsky said. – “That is, he has a temperature, there are certain questions about his health. Moreover, sufficient for us to quickly take him to the hospital, where, under the supervision of qualified doctors, he was engaged in his health. I think the symptoms of his disease should not be the subject of our conversation. , let the doctors do it better. But I considered it necessary for him to be in the clinic under the supervision of highly qualified doctors. “

Ryabinsky also spoke in more detail about how their team realized that they needed to stop the camp and seek help from doctors.

“He went through the camp, everything was fine. We periodically called up with the team, and they reported to us that everything was fine with them. Then Camilla, who is engaged in PR, drew attention first, she called and said:” I doubt something, with Sasha something is wrong. “Then I talked to the coach (Ivan Kirpa), who also noted that something is wrong with Sasha,” Ryabinsky said.

“Then I called Sasha, well, as always, he said that he was feeling great. And then his temperature rose, and I told them to get together and go to self-isolation. And Sanya, since he was the only one with symptoms, he was sent to The whole team, accordingly, did the tests – everyone was clean and only one person from the team tested positive, but who I am I won’t say. Well, Sasha, as the only person with a pronounced manifestation of this disease, ended up in the clinic. “

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