And don’t say you weren’t warned: the dangers of MagSafe magnetic charging


One of The main innovations of the new iPhone 12 smartphones are support for MagSafe magnetic charging. However, it has a few nuances, oh than Apple warned users by updating information on technical support page.

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AT first of all, charging is not will work if the smartphone battery is very hot. More precisely, charging will stop at level of 80%, and will resume only after the battery has cooled down. Thus, on a full charge may take longer.

Also with MagSafe should be more careful for owners of bank cards with a magnetic stripe or RFID chip, electronic passes etc. If the card is between the smartphone and charger it will demagnetize and no more will work. Therefore, carrying a card under a cover is definitely not worth it.

TO a word about covers. Manufacturer not advises to use with magnetic charging leather and silicone covers. AT result on they will remain circular prints in the place of magnetization of the accessory, and they can appear after a few days.

Capable Can MagSafe be damaged with the glass back of the phone, not is being specified. Most likely, it will be clarified with time.

Source: Apple

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