An insider told how Gigi Hadid’s lover Zane Malik reacted to the birth of his daughter


Recently, a 25-year-old supermodel and a 27-year-old musician became parents for the first time.

Last weekend, Gigi and Malik became parents for the first time – the couple had a daughter. The source said that the birth took place in New York, next to Gigi were not only her parents, but also the mother of his lover, Trisha Malik.

Everything went smoothly, now Gigi is recovering at home,

– said the insider. He also noted that now Gigi’s mother has temporarily moved to her daughter to help take care of her granddaughter.

An insider told how Gigi Hadid's lover Zane Malik reacted to the birth of his daughter

According to the source, the 25-year-old model is thrilled to become a mom.

She is in seventh heaven and still cannot believe that they brought such an angel into the world. She is simply in love with her, and when she took the baby in her arms, she was captured by emotions.

Zane, according to the informant, was also very emotional about the birth of a child:

He too was overwhelmed with emotions, for him it was a special moment. He even said that it changed him forever, and stated that he would never disappoint his daughter or Gigi. He is very excited and wants to be a better dad.

Gigi and Zane have been together since 2015, but over the past five years they have parted and reconnected several times. The last time they met at the end of 2019. According to the insider, the couple has overcome all the ups and downs and now they have “the best period of relationship.

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