American lawmakers debate the merits of democracy


Republican Senator Mike Lee has been criticized by Democrats for tweeting that “democracy is not the goal.”

In a recent tweet, Lee wrote: “Democracy is not a goal, but freedom, peace and prosperity are. We want human existence to flourish. Ranked democracy can prevent this. “

“The word ‘democracy’ is not mentioned in the Constitution, possibly because our form of government is not a democracy,” continued the Utah senator. – This is a constitutional republic. It’s important for me. This should be important to anyone who is worried about excessive concentration of power in the hands of a few. ”

Democrats were quick to link Lee’s words to the upcoming November elections.

“Dear Senator Mike Lee, I will note that you have been elected by the people of your state. America is a representative democracy. Which means we are also a democracy, ”Democratic Congressman Ted Liu replied on Twitter.

Ruth Ben-Giat, a historian at New York University, called Lee’s comments “an escalation of the GOP and White House rhetoric that protestors are a crowd and Democrats are” too dangerous to rule. “

“Such conversations often precede” exceptional “and authoritarian government actions,” she told the New York Times.

Spokesman Lee defended the senator, quoting President James Madison, one of the leaders of the American Revolution, who wrote: “Democracies have always been a spectacle of turmoil and strife and have always failed to ensure personal safety or property rights.”

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