American destroyers passed through the Taiwan Strait

American destroyers passed through the Taiwan Strait

Two US warships sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Thursday, the US Navy said.

This is the second such mission in December, taking place almost two weeks after a Chinese aircraft carrier’s strike group used the same waterway.

China, which considers Taiwan to be its territory, was outraged by the increased US support for the island, including arms sales and the passage of warships through the Taiwan Strait, which further complicated relations between Beijing and Washington.

The US Navy said that the cruise missile-equipped destroyers John McCain and Curtis Wilbur “made routine transit through the Taiwan Strait on December 31 in accordance with international law.”

“The passage of ships through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the US commitment to the free and open character of the Indo-Pacific region. The US military will continue to fly, sail and operate where international law allows, ”the Navy said in a statement.

This is the thirteenth passage of the US Navy through the strait this year.

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