Amanda Seyfried became a mom again and shared a snapshot of her baby


The actress had a son, together with him she is also raising a daughter, Nina.

The 34-year-old star of Les Miserables became a mother for the second time. The actress and her husband Thomas Sadoski became the parents of the boy. The couple confirmed the news of the birth of a child on Instagram of the charity organization War Child.

Since the birth of our daughter three years ago, our commitment to innocent children who suffer so much from conflict and war has become a driving force in our lives. And with the birth of our son, the work of INARA and War Child became our guiding star,

The couple said in a statement.

Amanda and Thomas are also raising a 3-year-old daughter, Nina. They got married in March 2014, when Amanda was already 9 months pregnant. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Seyfred lives with her husband and children in a renovated farmhouse in New York State.

Amanda Seyfried became a mom again and shared a snapshot of her baby

In August, Amanda said that during quarantine, her mother helped her raise her daughter.

My mother lives with us – she is our nanny. I just have a wonderful life, because it is like a third parent for us. I’m very lucky, I know. When my daughter wakes up, she either goes to our room or comes downstairs. And if we still sleep, she can be with my mom, she gets up early

– shared Seyfried.

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