Alexander Usyk – to a British journalist: “I’ll make you breakfast in bed, fuck. You will fly out of the room, f *** ing,”


After the Ukrainian super heavyweight Alexander Usik promised to meet Derek Chisora ​​in Kiev, the host of the British YouTube channel iFL TV Kugan Cassius also expressed a desire to visit the capital of Ukraine. Then a dialogue began between him and Usyk, during which the Ukrainian boxer used a strong word in an unusual manner for himself.

– I have never been to Ukraine. If I come, will you meet me well?

– Sure. What are you? We got it in the fucking blood. We are hospitable.

– I will stay at your house.

– No problem.

“Not in your bed, but just in your house. On the sofa.

– No, you won’t sleep on my bed. On the sofa? Okay. No problem. I have a guest room. Nice pillow, TV, water. Maybe you drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes. No problem.

“Will you bring me breakfast in bed if I come?”

– Of course, I’ll make you breakfast in bed, fuck. You’ll fucking fly out of the room at a run.

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