Alexander Usik: “You need to gain two kilograms of correct weight for a year”


Former undisputed world champion in the first heavyweight division Alexander Usik spoke about the nuances of weight gain in heavyweight.

“The fact that I gain weight with dumplings is not true. I eat dumplings, but the weight is probably gaining more with proper nutrition and specialized training. I did not eat more often. In principle, gaining weight is not a problem. This is absolutely not a problem.

The problem is that this weight needs to be handled correctly. If you gain five kilograms, it will be extremely difficult in movements, speed and in everything. I think you need to gain two kilograms of the correct weight for a year. Worker, so as not to lose speed, movement. Otherwise, I can gain two kilograms in a week.

Before the fight, I can eat fish, some greens. Usually I eat either fish with pasta, or meat with pasta and salad. Throughout the camp, sweets are forbidden to me, “Usyk said in an interview with the YouTube channel” Without Makeup with Anna Butkevich “.

We will remind, Usyk also spoke about a possible campaign in politics.

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