Alexander Emelianenko named the winner of the Usik – Chisora ​​fight


The odious Russian MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko decided to share the forecast for tomorrow’s fight between Alexander Usik and Derek Chisora.

According to Emelianenko, the Ukrainian boxer must emerge victorious from the bout with the British slugger, who went into this fight only for the sake of big money and popularity, unlike his younger opponent.

“Hello, hello, good people! I am ready to share with you my opinion on a boxing match. Sanya has never lost a single game. He proved to everyone and everything that he is cool and defended all his belts in the first heavyweight division. Some say that strength is in shock. he lacks. I do not agree. With this he is all right. He just waits for his moment, then “decides”, – the website quotes Emelianenko as saying.

“I don’t think that the transition to another weight category somehow affected his form. He will be just as good, I can guarantee you that. Chisora ​​will put on a show. The Briton only needs money and popularity, and the Ukrainian really wants to compete with the best and win.

Here everyone prioritizes differently. I am sure that Usyk approached the preparation very seriously and successfully conducted the camp, but I am not at all sure about Derek. I think that Usyk can knock out in this fight if Chisora ​​tramples on him hard. Not in the first round. Of course, not in the first and not in the second, but closer to the middle of the fight. “

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