Alec Baldwin replied if he wants a seventh child: “The wife collects children”


The actor has five children from his current wife Hilaria and one child from Kim Basinger.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin recently chatted live with Ellen DeGeneres. When we started talking about children, Alec joked that his wife “collects children.”

I say that my wife collects children. Someone collects cars, watches, works of art. And my wife collects children. She likes them. When a child turns three, when he no longer brings such enthusiasm as in the first years, Hilaria and I look at each other and think: “Well, it’s time to start a new one!”

Now Alec and Hilaria are raising five children – one daughter and four sons. Alec also has an adult daughter from a relationship with Kim Basinger. During the interview, Ellen asked if he wanted more children, especially a daughter. The actor replied:

I won’t try anymore, that’s enough. Or my wife will have to marry whoever makes girls.

The fifth child in the Baldwin family appeared on the third try. Hilaria got pregnant twice last year and had miscarriages both times. But the third time everything worked out: just a couple of weeks ago, she gave birth to a son, Eduardo. According to Hilaria, she did everything to maintain health and preserve the pregnancy. And in the first months of pregnancy, she kept her position a secret, even from her own children.

Alec Baldwin replied if he wants a seventh child:

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