AI fighter defeats a live US Air Force pilot in battle


The final of the AlphaDogfight Challenge, organized by the DARPA agency with the participation of the US military and major contractors, including Lockheed Martin, took place.

The winner was Heron Systems, whose AI-powered fighter jet defeated a professional fighter pilot with a VR headset in a simulator battle.

This victory marks a turning point in the history of intelligent combat systems. Scientists had to start literally from scratch to teach artificial intelligence to control a modern fighter jet. Lockheed Martin had to use several servers that conducted training simulations of air combat for the AI ​​around the clock. The result of the work was a ready-made artificial intelligence capable of working on just one video card.

According to Ben Bell, senior machine learning engineer at Heron Systems, their AI had to go through more than 4 billion simulations, which is comparable to 12 years of current flight time. Everyone who submitted the application on time could watch the battle between artificial intelligence and a living person online.


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