African American Asya Branch wins Miss USA 2020


The girl wowed the jury by demanding reform of the firearms law and restoring confidence in civilian institutions.

The annual Miss USA pageant has been in jeopardy this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event was postponed against the backdrop of a turbulent epidemiological situation, but in the end it was still held at Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate in Memphis.

The jury selected the best of 51 applicants – one from each state. The crown of the winner eventually went to Asya Branch, who came to the competition from Mississippi. The judges were amazed not only by the attractive appearance and captivating smile of the 22-year-old aphoric woman, but also by her inherent ambition and self-control, and most importantly – the will to win.

Branch was not afraid to raise very serious questions at the beauty pageant. So, she started talking about the need to revise the legislation on firearms. This is a hot topic for the States, where high-profile armed attacks or accidents periodically occur. The girl believes that it makes no sense to completely prohibit weapons, but the owners of the firearms can be obliged to take training and safety courses.

Branch also gave an inspiring speech about what she believes will help unify the divided nation now.

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Posted by Asya Danielle Branch (@asyadanielle) 7 Nov 2020 at 12:15 PST

“We’ve lost confidence in the systems that keep our country running, from the media to business and our government. To restore this trust, you need to get together and work together to heal and trust this system, ”said the new Miss USA.

She received the well-deserved crown from the hands of the winner of the last year’s Chelsea Christ competition.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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