Adrien Broner: “I won’t be back in the ring until I get my 10 million.”


American boxer Adrienne Broner, nicknamed “The Problem” (33-4-1 24 KOs) is persistently seeking $ 10 million to return to the ring. He confirmed his decision with a new post on Instagram:

“I won’t fight until I get my 10 million and I’m very serious!”

In this situation, it remains only to understand why Al Hayman and Showtime pay such money to Broner? Even if the world had not lived in the era of a pandemic, Broner would never have received that kind of money. And given the circumstances, when the stands are empty and revenue fell to zero, this idea looks more than unrealistic.

Of course, fans would be happy to see him, Broner has a name and reputation, and besides, he knows how to attract attention. But to be honest, will everyone be so upset if Problem never appears in the ring again? Now it’s strange to remember that Adrien was once considered the new face in boxing. The defeat from Marcos Maidana in 2013 was the beginning of its end, and 4 lost battles out of 10 next put the final end to Broner’s career.

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