Adrien Broner: “I already have a desire to return to the gym”


31-year-old world champion in four weight classes, Adrien Broner, in his own words, will soon begin training to return to the ring after his fourth defeat. Most likely, the boxer’s return to the ring will take place in January. Now the Showtime TV channel cannot pay him a large fee, since all the balances of money have already been reserved between various boxers, however, in 2021, a part of the budget has already been reserved for Adrien.

“Hey, how are you doing? Is everything okay? I drive through my neighborhood and think, “Damn it …” It only occurs to me when I drive through it at night. By the way, I myself do not drive, because a couple of times I got caught by the police, now the driver drives me. So, at night I look at my area and think: “But I really achieved success.” But I will not lie to you, there is still a lot of money to be earned. “

“I don’t want to deceive, I already have a desire to return to the hall. Right now I can do the best three rounds of sparring with any nigga. Maybe they will be angry with me because I will only go through three rounds and get out of the hall, but for these three rounds I’m going to cripple someone, ”Broner threatens.

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