Adidas and Lululemon launch mushroom leather apparel


The startup Bolt Threads has developed the Mylo material based on the mycelium (filamentous roots of mushrooms), which has attracted the interest of major clothing manufacturers Adidas (Germany) and Lululemon (Canada). Their management has already announced an investment in Bolt Threads in order to further use the unique material for mass production of clothing.

The first products from Mylo are scheduled to go on sale in 2021. The fashion industry remains one of the dirtiest sectors in the global economy. By growing production material from mycelium, the company hopes to offset at least some of the negative impact on the environment.

Mushroom skinMycelium growing farm

To create Mylo, mushroom roots are grown on top of a layer of sawdust. Then the grown mycelium “web” is tanned, dyed and processed, like leather. Bolt Threads said the technology is significantly more productive and environmentally friendly compared to cattle breeding.

Now Bolt plans to attract the attention of large companies to their development, which will help make Mylo material the future.

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