Adele sparks outrage over sex tourism jokes in Africa


The singer appeared in Saturday Night Live’s comedy sketch about a vacation in Africa.

Adele recently took part in the filming of a comedy sketch for Saturday Night Live. In it, she and actress Kate McKinnon playfully advertise a vacation in Africa. Many liked that Adele showed off her comedy skills, but some didn’t like the actresses hinting at sex tourism in Africa.

First, in the video, they talk about “the sun, sea, mountains and other beauties of Africa.” Then, half-naked black men appear in the frame, walking arm in arm with white women. And the focus of advertising is shifting. Adele mentions “big trunks of bamboo,” then another actress, Neidi Garden, appears, who says she went to Africa after divorcing her husband. The word “savage” is used here approximately. Then Adele says:

I felt a deep, deep connection here.

And Heidi adds:

You can feel it in your stomach.

All this juicy talk about African men has caused discussion on the Web: users are unhappy with the “fetishization” of black men. “SNL! Stop fetishizing black men and women! “,” I liked everything until black guys with white women appeared … I love Adele, but it would be better if she did not participate in this “,” This is insulting, “users write in the comments.

However, many users defended the actresses from the sketch and said they did not see anything offensive in the video.

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