Adele responded to rumor about romance with rapper Skepta

The singer called herself a “lonely cat lady”.

Since last year, there have been rumors of a “special” relationship between Adele and rapper Skepta. Celebrities are credited with the novel, but this still does not find confirmation. And recently Adele called herself a lonely cat lady.

The other day, the star participated in the Saturday Night Live show, and after filming she published a post with thanks to everyone who worked with her and helped. At the end of the post, Adele wished everyone a happy Halloween and added:

And I will return to my cave and continue to be the catwoman (lonely), which I am! Until next year!

So far, everything suggests that Adele and Skepta are just friends. Recently, according to insiders, the singer gave him a gold jewelry worth 16 thousand pounds (1.6 million rubles) for his birthday.

She was in England and gave him a beautiful gold chain for his birthday. He later showed the chain to friends and seemed to be very excited. Although they are not officially in a relationship, they are very close.

– shared insiders.

Adele responded to rumor about romance with rapper Skepta

And in the summer, celebrities flirted a little on Instagram, which reignited public interest. They left each other in the comments with a heart-shaped emoji.

There is definitely a close and special connection between them. They spend more and more time together

– said a source from the environment of Adele.

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