A man was arrested for walking with the Confederate flag on the Capitol

A man was arrested for walking with the Confederate flag on the Capitol

US Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Reports The Detention Of A Man In Widespread Photos With A Large Confederate Flag During The Assault On The Capitol.

Officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US Department of Justice have confirmed that Kevin Sifried and his son Hunter have surrendered to the Marshal Service in Wilmington, Delaware.

According to the published data, both men will be charged with unauthorized entry and hooliganism, and Hunter Sifrid will also be charged with damage to property.

The FBI circulated a bulletin with four photographs of Sifrid walking through the halls of the Capitol with a large Confederate flag.

This flag was used by the Confederate Army during the North-South War in the 1860s. In our time, he has become a symbol of the ideology of the supremacy of the white race.

Meanwhile, Olympic champion Klit Keller surrendered to federal authorities on Thursday.

The District Court in Denver indicted him on three counts in connection with his involvement in the Capitol riots.

Among other things, the swimmer is accused of obstructing the work of law enforcement agencies and hooliganism on the territory of the Capitol.

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